Repair Work Undertaken in 2011

On January 24 the 1835 Bow Bog Meeting House was placed on the State Register of Historic Places. This is Bow's first building to receive such designation. Faye Johnson did the historic research and prepared and filed this application. We celebrated with a well attended open house in June, with Alex Wheeler (descendant of the builder George Washington Wheeler), and Daniel Belair (descendant of original Bow settler Benjamin Noyes) ringing the bell donated by Mary Baker Eddy. We were assisted in this celebration by the Men's Club, Boy Scout Troop 75, the Suncook Valley Chorale, Board of Selectmen, Garden Club, and the Model A. Club.

The contract for repairs to the foundation and truss 4 was awarded to Turnstone Construction and the work was completed. The interesting discovery of a brick structure and "stairs to nowhere" beneath the building will require future investigation. Anyone who has heard stories or rumors about this, please contact the BHC.

An application for an LCHIP grant was filed in September with the successful award of $50,000 toward the repairs to the roof and bell tower. The Commission wishes to thank George Lagos for his invaluable assistance in the preparation of this application.

Repair Work to be Undertaken in 2013

With the receipt of a $50,000 LCHIP grant and matching funds from Bow citizens, we have proceeded to award the contract for the BBMH bell tower and roof repairs to Fifield Building Restoration & Relocation, LLC, a Canterbury firm well known in New England for their work in historic preservation.

The bell donated by Mary Baker will be removed from the steeple, cleaned by blasting with walnut shells, sealed, repaired and returned to the tower. Thanks to the Darren Benoit Family for donating the funds for this work.

Faye Johnson applied for and received a Moose Plate grant for $9,942 for window restoration at the BBMH. The application was "given the highest priority...and considered to be an exemplary project", and Faye wishes to again thank George Lagos for her training. Winn Mountain Restorations, LLC will be doing the work of restoring the sashes, sills and stoops of 4 windows in the main meeting house and the window in the entry way. The remaining windows will be restored when funds become available.

The Prescott pump organ will be repaired and moved to the first floor where it can be used. The Briggs & Co. of Peterborough organ stool was reupholstered, and arrangements have been made to reupholster the altar chairs in the same fabric. Both of these repairs will be paid from the "BBMH 100 Club Fund".

The BBMH 100 Club Fund will be used for current and future needs of the Bow Bog Meeting House. For a charitable deduction donation of $100 you can help preserve the BBMH and become part of Bow's history by receiving recognition on a plaque in the entryway. You can donate in your name, in memory of a loved one, or as a descendant of an earlier Bow settler. Contact Faye Johnson 228-8149 or for further information.

In September removal of trees on an abutters property made it necessary to remove trees along the boundary of the BBMH property to prevent damage to the building from blow down. Eventually a buffer will be erected. The BBMH will be undergoing more transformations as the steeple, windows, and bell are removed and returned.

Follow our progress on this website with our photos and information throughout the project. Thanks to Tom Wilson for putting this website together.